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Queen Vic 2, Chorley

Hewigo helps to launch Queen Vic 2

Ibrahim Sanibal and brother Noureddine have opened another ‘Queen Vic’ chip shop in Chorley following the successful launch of one in nearby Preston. However the customers to both shops are very different.

The Chorley shop, in a refurbished retail unit, also has a seating area and is in a mainly residential area with a nearby factory and school. Whereas the Preston shop, a converted pub, is close to the campus of the University of Central Lancashire and benefits from many student customers.

One important thing has remained the same - the frying range - a 3-pan Hewigo Advantage with computerised controls, display cabinet with Hewigo’s unique high light/low heat jacketed lamps, twin-pipe filtration, curved edges to the cabinet and counter and multi-programmable LED lighting.

“We were so impressed with the performance of the Hewigo range in Preston that it was a simple decision to choose the same one for Chorley,” says Ibrahim. “It’s so easy to operate and we estimate that is could save us as much as 50% of our running costs.” Another feature that has been repeated is the impressive mosaic tile pattern on the front panel which was a major talking point at the Preston shop.

The new shop has now been open a few months and is proving very successful. Ibrahim explains, “It took us 14 months to obtain planning permission but we were helped by a questionnaire that we sent out to get local reaction and it produced 96% support for our application. The success of the shop proves there was a definite demand in the area.”

Phillip Purkiss, Managing Director of Hewigo UK, comments, “Although the two shops are in different locations it shows how a successful formula can be repeated especially when it involves a Hewigo range.”

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