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Buying a new frying range? Why Hewigo?

Hewigo is the leading manufacturer of frying ranges for fish and chip shops and take-aways in the UK. We have pioneered high efficiency ranges since July 2001 and have manufactured more of them than all other UK manufacturers put together.

Hewigo ranges have a reputation for value for money particularly in the high efficiency area where the technology is available at a price below that of Dutch ranges

Simpsons 2016 Winners

Supplier of Frying Ranges to Simpsons, Winners of the 2016 Fish & Chip Shop of the Year

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Range options

A standard Hewigo range is equipped with frying pans, baskets, chip box, display cabinets, motorised extraction systems, mechanical gas thermostat controls and manual bucket filtration. There are 4 areas where outlets can upgrade the performance of their ranges.

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