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Fish Bits, Bentley, Doncaster

Fish Bits and Hewigo – Modern outlet, family traditions

Clean, simple styling, strong colours, striking graphics, state-of-the-art equipment, excellent food using quality ingredients – all the requirements of the modern fish and chip shop; this was the aim of John Xenofontos when he completely revamped his Fish Bits shop in Bentley, Doncaster. He even changed the name from Fish King to promote the branding connection with his father’s shop in nearby Hyde Park.

The centrepiece of the change is a 3-pan Hewigo Advantage range driven by 93% highly efficient burners, finished in brushed stainless steel with candescent curved front panels and rounded edges to cabinet and counter. It too has all the characteristics of the modern fish and chip range. The front panels are lit by LED lighting which has multi-colour options, although John says, “I only ever use the cool-blue to be consistent with our décor and branding.” John’s family history in fish and chips stretches back to Liverpool in the late 50’s, moving on to Derby and then Doncaster. As well as John’s father Chris, other close family members have a tradition of buying Hewigo but as John admits “I would have bought this range anyway. It offers such excellent value especially for high efficiency. The finish is superb enhancing the image I want for the shop and the Hewigo back-up and service is second to none. It’s a million miles away from the range it replaced, much faster, a dream to use, easy to clean and far cheaper to run.”

Phillip Purkiss, General Manager of Hewigo UK says, “Over time when you produce a good product, consistently modernise your equipment in looks and performance and give good service, customers keep coming back and recommend you to others. This is a classic case with John and his family.”

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